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Our Projects

Home Renovation


We worked on an exciting project featuring a 5-bedroom detached house project that encompasses a double side and rear extension in addition to a garage expansion. This renovation not only extends the living space but also involves a comprehensive transformation, encompassing both interior and exterior renovations, breathing new life into the property. We then continued to work outside the property, providing full landscaping services, all to create a fantastic family living space that’s not only bigger but also much more appealing and functional.

Listed Building

Rowlands Castle

We completed a comprehensive renovation project for a historic listed building, where a meticulous blend of traditional and specialized techniques was employed to breathe new life into this remarkable property. The restoration efforts are geared towards preserving the building’s unique heritage, ensuring that its historical significance is carefully maintained while enhancing its overall structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We produced a modern interior to our client’s specifications, whilst keeping an exterior sympathetic to the local area and other nearby properties.

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